The THM cell manufactured by GCTS is a 70 MPa / 150 ºC capacity triaxial cell for measurements of the poromechanical response, two-phase flow, acoustic emission (AE) activity, and failure characteristics of rock. Using the cell lifting system, the THM cell can be placed into the 220 kips MTS load frame to apply the axial load of up to 1 MN. The standard specimen size is 50 mm in diameter and 90-115 mm long. Heat shrink tubing is used to seal the specimens from the confining fluid (hydraulic oil). Two axial LVDTs and one circumferential extensometer are installed around the specimen to measure its deformation – this can also be complemented with the direct directional strain measurements with the strain gages. 13 feedthrough channels are available for temperature, deformation, strain and AE sensors. The external heating system allows the application of elevated temperatures that are monitored with internal thermocouples. The cell has two upstream and one downstream channel for injection of multiple fluids with pressures up to 70 MPa. The channels are instrumented with the pressure transducers for accurate monitoring of pore fluid pressure and quantification of the transport and undrained properties of the tested rock.